Sri Lanka vs. Bangladesh 2nd ODI Best Bets

by Scott on March 25, 2013

Sri Lanka and Bangladesh play in the 2nd ODI in less than 10 hours and I wanted to get my predictions out for the match, as I have a couple bets I like a lot.

After a 2-hour delay in the 1st ODI a couple days ago, Sri Lanka hit the number they needed to beat Bangladesh and most expect them to win today.

Sri Lanka vs Bangladesh 2nd ODI Live Odds

Bangladesh (5.50) is a huge underdog heading into the 2nd of 3rd ODI matches. Sri Lanka (1.14) is expected to dominate again in the match today and I don’t disagree with that sentiment. However, there is no value betting on Sri Lanka to win at 1.14 odds.

Sri Lanka vs Bangladesh Predictions

Dilshan scored 113 runs in the 1st ODI after facing 108 balls, which was good for a strike rate of 104.62. His strike rate was lower than MDKJ Perera (116.66) in the match, but Dilshan faced 72 more balls than Perera.

Apart from Dilshan, Perera and Sangakkara I don’t see anyone else earning the top batsman honours on Sri Lanka. Dilshan is a consistent batsman and in the opening ODI against Bangladesh he led Sri Lanka with 11 4’s, but he didn’t hit a single 6.

Dilshan wasn’t put out in the 1st match either while Perera and Sangakkara both were dismissed. Dilshan got off to a hot start in the opening match and if he can continue his form today I think he’s presenting the best value in this betting market.

Tamim Iqbal led his team in the opening round with 112 runs scored, but he injured himself and will miss the rest of the series. It will definitely hurt the Bangladesh team, as they’re already struggling to find consistent batting from their line-up.

One young batsman who has been in good form lately is Nasir Hossain. He scored 73 runs on 59 balls in the 1st ODI match and he led the team with a strike rate of 123.72 runs. I can see Nasir seeing more balls in this 2nd ODI match with Iqbal out.

In the 1st ODI between these two teams on Saturday Bangladesh had 4 6’s compared to just 1 6 by Sri Lanka. Iqbal had 1 6 in the match and he won’t be playing, but Nasir Hossain had the other 3 and I expect his form to continue into this match today.

Sri Lanka doesn’t open up and hit for power too often. They utilize a more consistent approach where they constantly try to hit in open areas to score 1-2 runs. Bangladesh will need all the power they can get and I like them to score more sixes in the game.

With Iqbal out of the match it’s unlikely that Bangladesh will have any answer for Sri Lanka. This match should be an easy win for Sri Lanka, but the bets above are priced high and we only need one of them to hit to make a profit.

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